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Between December 2007 and February 2012 Bethesdabakers was a microbakery suppling both individual and commercial customers.

I have now scaled back baking operations retaining just one weekly order for a local restaurant.

This allows me to now concentrate on running individual and group baking courses at all levels and to write on the subject of bread. I am also available to supply bread for one-off events such as weddings and parties. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Details of my book “Bethesdabasics – Sourdough Made Simple” can be found on my blog at www.thepartisanbaker.com + plenty of information on making good bread.

Our policy remains to make naturally leavened bread (sourdough) by hand using only the best quality ingredients. We use mainly organic flours, organic grains and seeds and additive free sea salt. We do not use commercial yeast, "improvers" or other additives. Our breads are fully labelled so that the customer can be sure of what the bread contains.

Our Breads
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